Wednesday, 16 December 2015

First Blog Post?

The word 'Blog' always makes me think back to being in school. You know when the teacher is stood at the front of the class fumbling to find the right words to explain a scenario. Then suddenly they've got it and out comes good old 'Joe Bloggs' the dependable example, forced into many a strange situation by desperate teachers attempting to catch the interest of their absent minded students.
I guess I feel a bit like Joe Bloggs right now, a randomer, another person amongst the sea of bodies that is the human race. And now I'm in a strange situation too, because I have decided to write a blog, because I want to write a blog, but I have no idea what to write about, I just want to write! I suffer from the simple, overriding, annoying desire to put words on to a piece of paper (or laptop screen if you will) and arrange them into interesting sounding phrases and beautiful expressions.
This desire has lead me to starting a couple of interesting projects, the third of which is this blog. The first project started about a year and a half ago when I sat down at my kitchen table with a blank Google doc in front of me and just started writing with no idea what I wanted to write about. That project is my novel, and no it is not finished, I am taking my time with it (I think that's the best sounding way of saying 'it was going great but then I got writers block so I put it away for a while and haven't picked it back up again yet although I do of course think about it all the time'). I do, think about it all the time that is.
The second project I started about six months ago. I was getting that uncontrollable urge to write again but was beginning to get sick of trying to figure out what I should do with the characters in my novel. Then one weekend I went to visit my Nan and as I was sitting in the car mulling things over in my head I realised I had a story plot, and I wanted to put it on paper really badly! That weekend was the first time I had ever attempted to write a short story and I wrote two of them. Since then I have written a further thirteen short stories on the same theme under the umbrella name of Tales Noir. No one has seen these stories yet. (That is a lie, I have actually sent a couple of them to competitions but heard nothing back). What I meant was none of my friends or family have seen them yet. I think they are still very much 'raw' material, by which I mean that the first draft was great but they definitely still need a lot more time and some editing before I can realistically think about doing anything professional with them. I'm so excited though! The whole project fills me with excitement every time I think about it. And if I could get them published? That would be a dream come true.
So finally we come to my third project, this blog, which came about because of a conversation I had with my mum a few months ago about how much I hate my job (I work in retail). My mum suggested that I pursue a career in writing, seeing as that is what I love doing, which was odd because I had never really thought about it like that, I had just written things because I felt the urge to write. She followed this up by suggesting I try out different styles of writing and post them on line for other people to see and comment on , then I'll discover what my strengths are and what my weaknesses are, and I'll learn a hell of a lot on the way. So this is project number three; Breathing for Words, my blog. And I guess I don't really know what exactly I want to write here yet, maybe just things that interest me, things I've learnt that I think might help other people, funny things, sweet things... I guess we'll find out.
My idea for a fourth project is travel writing (which I have absolutely no idea about), but me and my partner both want to get out there and see the world so you lucky readers might be getting some interesting stories from around the globe at some point! (Stress, 'might').
That didn't go nearly as badly as I thought it would. I had visions of me sitting staring blankly at my laptop for hours praying for inspiration, something exciting for my first blog post! But this has all just kind of come out, and to be honest, I think it's an alright little introduction. I'll try and think of something more interesting next time I promise. 

But really, what do you write for your first blog post?

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