Saturday, 19 December 2015

Goodbye Piper

My cat died today, he got hit by a car. I think it was a quick death, there were no marks on him.

I had a day off work today, we slept in till late, it was lovely. Then I decided to take my man out for lunch so we drove to a local pub to get some food. Their kitchen was closed so we sat and had a pint. We were sitting having a chat when my dad rang me and told me he had some bad news. My cat - Piper- had died, he had been hit by a car on the main road near our house and had been taken to the vets where they had identified him through his microchip and then rung my parents house.
"They want to know if you want him cremated for £33 or cremated and to keep the ashes for £111".
That's a lot of money for cremation and ashes right? £111?
I'm crying by this point and my partner has his arm around my shoulder. My dad understands, he says I can sleep on it if I want, we can make a decision tomorrow.
I say they should get him cremated for £33, I can't afford £111, but can they bring the collar home please, I would like to keep the collar.

I'm really sad, just really really sad. I love that cat. He was the son of my other cat - Jinx, so I'd known him since he was born. He was the mildest cat, really friendly, really chilled out, loved company. You could pick him up and he'd just sit there looking at you, meowing occasionally, letting you move him around and stroke him. He was only a year and a half old. I'm really going to miss him.

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