Saturday, 26 December 2015

After Christmas

This year I've done a lot of thinking about Christmas, as a social season, as a religious celebration, as a retail advantage and what it means to people personally. I think Christmas is special to different people for different reasons and that's great. And I also think that regardless of your reasons or thoughts on it, an excuse to let loose, get together and celebrate is fantastic.
But it's a lot of fuss for just one day really isn't it? Months of festive decorations, songs, products, parties, all leading up to this one day. And then suddenly it's over. No more Christmas, not until next year. Of course a lot of people consider boxing day as part of the celebration, but for many more people - especially those with jobs in retail - work starts again on boxing day and it's straight back to the daily routines.
Now Christmas is over again and although luckily I don't have to go back to work yet I have still been struck by how quickly it seems to have come and gone, how suddenly it seems to be over. Is it over this quickly every year? I suppose so, although I don't remember thinking it as much last year.
So now what do we do? Now we've been left with the aftershock, our ears are ringing slightly and we're not sure whether to try and hold on to the Christmas spirit for a while longer or get down on our hands and knees, clean up the after-party mess and get back to work. We've had fun, we gave and received gifts, got drunk and ate really good food. But I guess it's time to find homes for our presents, to think about what's next, to take out the rubbish and take down the Christmas tree.
So now we're looking forwards again, once again Christmas is behind us but we've got some great new memories to keep and some good times we can always look back on.
Have we learnt anything this Christmas? What are we going to take with us into the new year? Me personally, I'm going to take my sense of fun, because I feel as though I've lost it a bit over the last six months and this Christmas I've found it again and I'm damn well gonna keep hold of it this time!
I hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas :)

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